The Cosmopolitan Club of Prince Albert hosted an event at the Prince Albert Wildlife Federation on Wednesday October 18 “CELEBRATING OUR SUCCESS IN THE TREATMENT OF DIABETES”.   Cosmopolitans are known for giving back to their local communities through fundraising for research to find the cure for diabetes.
During the late afternoon of the 18th, booths were present for the general public to seek information and advice from health care professionals, caregivers, support groups, dieticians and pharmacies regarding the pre-diabetic and diabetic condition.  Risk factors, prevention, complications and treatment/care were also a part of the education process.
The late afternoon portion of the event was followed by a banquet at 6:30 PM.  Prior to the meal, testimonials from individuals who have been living with diabetes formed the agenda. 
Following the meal, the Keynote address was delivered by TIM SCHULTZ, a benefactor of the “pancreatic islet translocation” process.  Tim is an inspirational speaker and will instill HOPE for those individuals that have been affected by this debilitating chronic disease.
The evening concluded with the “People’s Choice Awards”, recognizing leaders in the community who have been working tirelessly to help people deal with their day to day lives while living with the disease.
Diabetes is a game changer, both in the work place and in families.  The disease is reaching epidemic levels in Canada, and Saskatchewan, particularly in First Nations communities.   For businesses, the cost of diabetes is reflected in drug plans, health claims, mental health, lost productivity and disability leaves.  Families and individuals must endure the endless monitoring of blood sugar levels.
Profits from this event went to the Cosmopolitan Foundation of Canada, a regular contributor towards diabetes research.  Donations to the Foundation were accepted, and receipts issued.