Cosmos and spouses gathered at the Cosmo Lodge in Little Red Park for a Social to windup the year. We dedicated  memorial Bricks to-night.  These are in memory of Cosmo members who have died. They had been on display at the International Headquarters of Cosmopolitan International, and when the building was sold the Bricks were brought home to Prince Albert.
 Cosmo Al Porter is to be thanked for bringing these Bricks home and arranging the installation with the help of fellow Cosmos.
It was a beautiful evening and a time to dedicate our brand new Awards Banner. Incoming President Morris was responsible to design a new banner replacing our old one that was completely full of bannerettes recognizing exemplary work done by our Club at the Federation level. His new design uses a tree with branches for each category of award. On the branches are the years that this award was won.
President Merv was in-charge of the announcements for the evening and made a special thank-you to Cosmo Claire and his wife for organizing the social and Ann created the floral arrangements for each table.
Incoming President Morris took the opportunity in front of all the folks assembled to present a gift of a time clock to outgoing President Merv. He said it could be used to remind visitors when it is time to go home following meetings at his ranch.