Cosmopolitan Clubs from across Western Canada gathered in Prince Albert for their midterm Convention. Prince Albert Cosmos played host as the members curled, escaped from local escape rooms, visited the Historical Museum, held meetings and donated funds for Diabetes Research.
The Golf and Curling Club rang out with sounds of the curling on Friday and Saturday. The Rock and Iron Club was the gathering place between games for food, talk about great shots made and missed ones for the curlers and friends.
International President Rick Swansbro threw the ceremonial first rock. Game organizer Wally Tetarenko (left in picture) provided lessons for Rick ( from Rockford Club US ) who had never seen curling before.
Non-curlers visited the local Escape rooms and tried their best to find well hidden clues in order to escape. By all accounts they were somewhat successful, however some groups needed outside help.
In the afternoon the non-curlers had a very interesting time touring the Historical Museum.
The Coronet Hotel hosted our out-of-town guests. We had meetings, a banquet and evening entertainment with a pair of magician/escape artists.
Governor Debra Down chaired the Business meeting with lots of discussion and debate. Topics included: Canadian process for Diabetic Alert Dogs, Club Runner applications for WCF Web-Page, Marketing Cosmopolitan using Social media and School Awards.
Sunday morning our Foundation met and Chairperson Kay Fey updated us on the latest
happenings with Diabetes research. She told us of her ambitious plans including a review of the Bylaws, Investment Strategy and Donation Recipients, establishing anti-fraud procedures and committees to investigate other revenue streams and informational documents. During the meeting individual Members and Clubs lined up to make their donations to the Foundation. Over $8,400 was raised which when adding in the e-transfers and mail-ins brought the total to $27,000 for Diabetes.