This is a time, a very different time, when we are becoming increasingly aware of the need for community. Self isolation, required social distancing, reducing our cohort  numbers, all create stressors that are new to us. Feeling a part of communal events is essential to not only our own health but also that of everyone.
        Now is a time to contemplate that which facilitates the creation of community.
       Service clubs are, and have long been, an essential part in the fostering of positive, healthy community, and we in Prince Albert have been blessed with many active, hard working, and giving service clubs.
       This year one of those clubs, The Cosmopolitan Club of Prince Albert, celebrates its 80th Anniversary. Over those years the contributions of that club have been enormous. We all have benefited greatly from the efforts of that group to make Prince Albert and area a healthy, visually beautiful, and truly caring community.
       So, let’s pause and give recognition and thanks. A brief list of some of the contributions the Cosmos have made will help us, as we sit back, think back, and say a well deserved – Thank You!
Carment Court building - $57,000.
Children’s Haven - $12,000.
Communiplex – in excess of $27,000.
P. A. Golf and Curling Club - $40,000.
P.A.Winter Festival - $25,000.
P.A. Music Festival -$20,000.
Mont St. Joseph Senior Care Center - $32,500
Sports teams and recreational facilities - $75,000.
Canadian Cancer Society - $60,000.Mont St. Joseph Senior Care Home $31,000
Cosmopolitan Place at Little Red River Park -                                 $100,000.
Cosmo Lodge at Little Red River Park – $335,000
(This contribution is a particular pride and joy to not just the Cosmos themselves but to us all. That Lodge is a jewel.)
The monetary listings given for these contributions tell but one aspect of Cosmo work.  The thousands of volunteer hours preparing and maintaining facilities are beyond monetary calculation.
       Despite present restrictions, the Cosmos continue to be busy. They have upgraded the signs at Little Red River Park and they have been assisting: the creation of The Rose Garden Hospice, the operation of the Diabetes Camp at Camp Christopher, and the Give a Little Life Day promotion for the Victoria Hospital Foundation.
Yes, we need community to keep us healthy.
 And Yes, we need the Cosmopolitan Club as it continues to make contributions to all of us
Morley Harrison
Shopper Newsletter