Club members and spouses were invited to President Morris's farm for a social including a barbecue on a beautiful summer day.
What an idyllic spot by the Saskatchewan river!
Games were played including trying to hit a golf ball across the river
Cosmo Bernie swings for the longest drive to try and cross the Saskatchewan River, a distance of about 400 yards, or a bit less.  Nice try. A side bar here - Cosmo's Guy and Ken made it across, but then we measured the distance and found that it was actually 210 yards.  Several others came REALLY CLOSE!
Cosmo Bernie ( on the right) kept landing about 3 yards short on the drive, but made several points with the horseshoes.
CosmoWally shows good form as he takes on all challengers in the horse shoe pits.
Thanks go out to everyone that made our June 29 day at the farm a great success.  Cosmo Morris and wife Angie get a special thank you for organizing.  Could the weather have been any better?