Cosmo Steve introduced our guest speaker to-night as Cosmo Claire was unable to attend to-night's meeting.
 Lyle Karasiuk, from Parkland Ambulance, presented information on the emergency preparedness of the Red Cross in Canada and around the world.  Lyle explained that the Red Cross is a worldwide humanitarian organization that succeeds because of the help of thousands of volunteers, businesses and community organizations like the Cosmopolitan Clubs.  One example of involvement was the $140 million raised for the Fort MacMurray area to help residents with relocation and other costs.  Call centers to help with finding and locating people in evacuation situations can be set up in 48-72 hours and are crucial in keeping track of people. 
When asking for donations, cash is king!  Cash gives the Red Cross flexibility to get needed items quickly, and in some international cases can be used to "grease palms" to speed help in foreign countries!
 An interesting note is that Paddockwood, Saskatchewan was one of the first field hospitals in Canada in 1885 or 8.  Another solid gold ruler was presented to Lyle when he was thanked for his presentation.