The Cosmopolitan Club has a long history with the Prince Albert Winter Festival held each February. Over two days of the two week event the Festival hosts Sled Dog Races which are a qualifier for the Iditarod races in the Yukon. Cosmos supply bibs for each racer and identifier signs for their sleds. Strategically located at the finish line, Cosmos with digital timers record each mushers time for the race. The times are posted in a central location for all to see and at the end of the second day the trophies are awarded.
Cosmo Norman gives a sled marker and bib to a Junior Musher
Cosmo Buck holds the Three Minute warning flag for the Mushers at the start of a race
     It is a noisy time at the starting line as excited dogs  are anxious to go.
With timers running, the Cosmos await the return of the dogs.
Teams start arriving from the exhausting run.
The flag is dropped and the dogs are off.
Cosmo Bob checks his master timer as times are called into the office
Snow sculpting is  a fine art