Cosmos Donation to Two Miles for Mary

Two Miles for Mary Seniors Transportation
The Community Service Centre of Prince Albert and Seniors Transportation asked the Cosmopolitan Club of Prince Albert for a donation as they have done in past years.
And as usual the Club came forward to support them in their support for an excellent program to assist seniors in our community with their
transportation needs whether to get groceries, shopping, attend medical appointments, meet with family, community involvement and manage financial responsibilities.
President Denis is presenting our cheque of $500 to Bill Powalinsky , CEO Community Centre.
Cosmos Donation to Two Miles for Mary Norman Hill 2023-11-27 06:00:00Z 0

Cosmos Donate to Firebird North

Cosmopolitan Club President Denis ( right ) gives a $1,000 cheque to Abe Lancaster- special coordinator of the Firebird North Sistema project.
Firebird North is an exciting, not-for-profit program that provides music and movement instruction at no cost for children in under-served communities. Firebird was instituted in Prince Albert in 2019 and is overseen by a volunteer board. The program runs from mid-September to mid-May, from 3:00-5:15 every school day at King George School.
 This the second year the Cosmopolitan Club has provided support for this program
Cosmos Donate to Firebird North Norman Hill 2023-11-24 06:00:00Z 0

Donation to Mont St. Joseph Care Home

Our local Prince Albert Cosmopolitan Club did it again!!
These fine gents have decided to join us again this year as one of our MSJ Foundation sponsors for the 22nd Annual Monty FUNSpiel!!!
Hats off and cheers to such a great group of guys and organization!! The Club has been a long-time supporter of this facility donating over $30,500 and are proud to support its efforts to improve the lives of people with-in the community.
This years event goes to support our Tub replaced project at the Home and all the info and fun can be found at our online auction page
And don’t forget the auction goes live midnight on March 12th -2021
Mont St. Joseph Team
Donation to Mont St. Joseph Care Home Norman Hill 2021-04-17 05:00:00Z 0

International Cosmopolitan Day

       This is a time, a very different time, when we are becoming increasingly aware of the need for community. Self isolation, required social distancing, reducing our cohort  numbers, all create stressors that are new to us. Feeling a part of communal events is essential to not only our own health but also that of everyone.
        Now is a time to contemplate that which facilitates the creation of community.
       Service clubs are, and have long been, an essential part in the fostering of positive, healthy community, and we in Prince Albert have been blessed with many active, hard working, and giving service clubs.
       This year one of those clubs, The Cosmopolitan Club of Prince Albert, celebrates its 80th Anniversary. Over those years the contributions of that club have been enormous. We all have benefited greatly from the efforts of that group to make Prince Albert and area a healthy, visually beautiful, and truly caring community.
       So, let’s pause and give recognition and thanks. A brief list of some of the contributions the Cosmos have made will help us, as we sit back, think back, and say a well deserved – Thank You!
Carment Court building - $57,000.
Children’s Haven - $12,000.
Communiplex – in excess of $27,000.
P. A. Golf and Curling Club - $40,000.
P.A.Winter Festival - $25,000.
P.A. Music Festival -$20,000.
Mont St. Joseph Senior Care Center - $32,500
Sports teams and recreational facilities - $75,000.
Canadian Cancer Society - $60,000.Mont St. Joseph Senior Care Home $31,000
Cosmopolitan Place at Little Red River Park -                                 $100,000.
Cosmo Lodge at Little Red River Park – $335,000
(This contribution is a particular pride and joy to not just the Cosmos themselves but to us all. That Lodge is a jewel.)
The monetary listings given for these contributions tell but one aspect of Cosmo work.  The thousands of volunteer hours preparing and maintaining facilities are beyond monetary calculation.
       Despite present restrictions, the Cosmos continue to be busy. They have upgraded the signs at Little Red River Park and they have been assisting: the creation of The Rose Garden Hospice, the operation of the Diabetes Camp at Camp Christopher, and the Give a Little Life Day promotion for the Victoria Hospital Foundation.
Yes, we need community to keep us healthy.
 And Yes, we need the Cosmopolitan Club as it continues to make contributions to all of us
Morley Harrison
Shopper Newsletter
International Cosmopolitan Day Norman Hill 2020-11-09 06:00:00Z 0

Cosmos Donate to Rose Garden Hospice

The Cosmopolitan Club of Prince
Albert donates $10,000 to the Rose
Garden Hospice                  
Cosmo Doug, President Art, Marina (Rose Garden),
Cosmo Morris and Ralph (Rose Garden)     
President Art said the Club is happy to have the chance to
support such a worthy cause.This is the latest organization
to receive assistance from the Club.
Cosmopolitans have made donations to  Two Miles for Mary,
the Victoria Hospital Foundation and the Red River Riding
and Roping Association recently
Cosmos Donate to Rose Garden Hospice Norman Hill 2020-10-09 05:00:00Z 0

Cosmos Repair Signs in Little Red Park

When advised by Tim Yeaman,  Manager of City Services, that the Cosmopolitan Lodge Sign at little Red River Park had been vandalized with black spray paint, it didn’t take long for a Prince Albert Cosmopolitan work crew headed by Cosmos Norman Hill and Morris Hesje, to dig out the sanders, paint brushes, hammers and nails and restore the three signs at the Park.  Only one sign had been vandalized, but all three were in need of freshening up.   There are three signs at the Park – One at the west entrance, one at the south entrance and the sign at Cosmopolitan Lodge.
Time and weather had taken their toll on the signs and they needed a complete make over.  As many as 10 Cosmo members took time from their summer activities and over the course of two weeks, sanded off old faded paint, repainted background and lettering, repaired shingles that had blown off over the years and replaced foundation logs.
The Cosmopolitan Club of Prince Albert has had a long relationship with Little Red Park and the City of Prince Albert.  In 1971 the first Cosmo Lodge was constructed just in front of the present-day Lodge.   In 1987 the Prince Albert Cosmopolitan Club donated $100,000 towards playground equipment and camp kitchens. A lot of hours were spent aiding in constructing play ground equipment by the Club. In recognition of our contribution the City named the area Cosmopolitan Place.  In 2004 the Club shared the $750,000 construction cost of the new Lodge 50/50 with the city.  Today a renovation of the Lodge is underway and the Knotty Pine Bistro located in the building will be opening soon. 
During the past 50 years the Cosmopolitan Club has donated well over $800,000 to the Park when inflation is taken into account. 
The Cosmopolitan Club of Prince Albert continues to support Prince Albert and area. In the latest year we have donated $10,000 to the Rose Garden Hospice. $7,000 to the Victoria Hospital Foundation, $5,000 to the Mont St. Joseph Foundation plus many other donations in support of our community.
Cosmos Repair Signs in Little Red Park Norman Hill 2020-08-18 05:00:00Z 0

Cosmos donate to Community Projects

Cosmos spent the weekend at the Winter Festival timing the Sled Dog races.
This was the Club's 55th year of working the Races.
Cosmos donate to Community Projects Norman Hill 2020-03-19 05:00:00Z 0

Donation to Mont St. Joseph Care Home

We had guests Allison Nagy and Jessica Gale from Mont St. Joseph Home at our weekly meeting at the Cosmo Lodge on Wednesday.  Allison and Gale brought us up to date on the back ground of Mont St. Joseph and what is happening as part of their ongoing fundraising efforts to improve the lives of the 120 residents they care for.
The Home cares for residents aged 20 to over 100 in an environment meant to make the “guests “feel at home.  From secure “neighbourhoods” to areas that network with a day-care and student volunteers from the adjacent high-school the focus is on what the resident “can do” as opposed to what they can’t!
Through-out the year they have several events to bring awareness to the City and raise funds for specific needs.  This year, our Club was approached by Cosmo Guy to become involved in the Monty Curling fun-spiel again and become a Platinum sponsor in raising funds for a Bladder Scanner to make life easier for residents at the Home.  This was approved by members and President Art Presented Allison and Gale a cheque for $5,000. Our Club has been a long-time supporter of this facility donating over $30,000 and we are proud to support its efforts to improve the lives of people with-in our community.
Cosmos Norman, Frank, Archie and George represented the Club on the ice.
Donation to Mont St. Joseph Care Home Norman Hill 2020-01-27 06:00:00Z 0

Home Show Cancellation

The  2020 Home and Leisure Show and Sale has been cancelled.
This has been a tough decision for the Cosmo members.
Much discussion over many meetings wrestled with whether there might be a way to continue with our Home Show. It was particularly emotional due to the fact that we have hosted it for decades and it came to be the harbinger of Spring in Prince Albert.
It all came down to finances. Attracting Exhibitors, falling attendance of Patrons and rising costs to put the show on made the show impossible to continue.
A special thank you to all the Exhibitors that have our Show to promote their products and the Patrons who come out to our event and do some "window shopping"
Home Show Cancellation Norman Hill 2020-01-09 06:00:00Z 0

Summer Party

Club members and spouses were invited to President Morris's farm for a social including a barbecue on a beautiful summer day.
What an idyllic spot by the Saskatchewan river!
Games were played including trying to hit a golf ball across the river
Summer Party Norman Hill 2019-09-19 05:00:00Z 0

Governor Visit

Governor Debra Down visited the Prince Albert Cosmos on the occasion of their 80th anniversary. They gathered at the Cosmo Lodge in Littler Red River Park on a beautiful evening. Debra took the opportunity to update the Cosmos and their guests on activities taking place at the Western Canada Federation and International level. Some items were:
  • Develop an education component to assist Clubs
  • Encourage guests to attend our meetings with the possibility of them becoming members
  • Continue to support Club Runner as a means of communicating locally and internationally
  • Cosmo Club in Saskatoon is now all inclusive and invites men and women to join.  Not just husbands and wives
Governor Visit Norman Hill 2019-04-29 05:00:00Z 0

Weekly News March 27

Cosmos made another donation in support of our Community at our meeting on March 27. Members of the Army Cadet League were invited to join us for supper.President Morris presented our guests with a $4,000 cheque which they will use to purchase canoes and  supplies to aid them in their outdoor activities.
Captain Glasscock, Warrant Officer Adrianna Glasgow, Warrant Officer Serenity Desjarlais, and Corporal Alexander MacGregor thanked the Cosmos for their generosity
Weekly News March 27 Norman Hill 2019-03-27 05:00:00Z 0

Cosmos Celebrate Christmas

We Celebrated our Christmas party at Cosmo Lodge

The evening started with the Prince Albert Children's Choir singing a series of special Christmas tunes to get us in the festive mood.  As always, this group performed with professionalism and were a joy to listen to. They actually had a three piece band to accompany them.   They are to be commended on their abilities.  Choir Leader Meghan Fournier-Mervis thanked our Club for supporting this group over the years. In November we presented them with a $1,000 cheque which allowed them to purchase new uniforms and music notebooks.
Cosmos Celebrate Christmas Norman Hill 2018-12-21 06:00:00Z 0

Weekly News December 2018

The Cosmopolitan Club of Prince Albert is striving to make our Community a better place with their donations.
The Victoria Hospital Foundation received $2,000 from the Cosmopolitan Club through their Give a Little Life Day fundraising efforts.The Foundation has been a favourite choice for our donations over the years mounting to approximately $80,000  .
Another donation, this one to the Prince Albert Children's Choir was $1,000 which will help supply them with uniforms and music notebooks. We ask them to sing for us at our celebrations at the Cosmo Lodge  and at the Cosmo Room in the Golf and Curling Club. They are always happy to come.
Seniors Transportation is an annual recipient of $500 from the Cosmopolitans.
Weekly News December 2018 Norman Hill 2018-12-13 06:00:00Z 0

Convention of Western Canada Federation

Cosmopolitan Clubs from across Western Canada gathered in Prince Albert for their midterm Convention. Prince Albert Cosmos played host as the members curled, escaped from local escape rooms, visited the Historical Museum, held meetings and donated funds for Diabetes Research.
The Golf and Curling Club rang out with sounds of the curling on Friday and Saturday. The Rock and Iron Club was the gathering place between games for food, talk about great shots made and missed ones for the curlers and friends.
International President Rick Swansbro threw the ceremonial first rock. Game organizer Wally Tetarenko (left in picture) provided lessons for Rick ( from Rockford Club US ) who had never seen curling before.
Non-curlers visited the local Escape rooms and tried their best to find well hidden clues in order to escape. By all accounts they were somewhat successful, however some groups needed outside help.
In the afternoon the non-curlers had a very interesting time touring the Historical Museum.
Convention of Western Canada Federation Norman Hill 2018-10-24 05:00:00Z 0

Weekly News October

  Ryan Cody invited Dave Mulhall and Peter John to speak with us and introduced them following our meal. Dave started by talking about the Neighborhood Watch program they and others in the Midtown area of Prince Albert were actively involved in.  A key part of the program is to make residents more aware of who is in their area, from neighbors to transients.  By being aware of who is or is not part of the neighborhood allows residents to be able to notify the police if something is out of place or if something is going on that shouldn't be.
The program was started in May of 2017 and is starting to see positive results.  A committee was formed to fund raise for motion sensor lights, reflective vests, flashlights and to hire private security to patrol during times when residents are not able to.  Organizing residents and instructing them on proper procedures to ensure safety is a high priority.
Neighborhood watch also works in conjunction with SCAN (Safer Communities and Neighborhoods) to help co-ordinate positive results.  This unit monitors suspected areas of trouble with video and surveillance to gather evidence of gangs, drug dealing and crime in general.  Many houses are owned and rented by absentee landlords who have little interest other than the rent received each month and do not care what is happening on their properties.  SCAN has the ability to charge offenders as well as the landlord. 
Cosmo Art thanked our guests and Cosmo Archie presented them with a thank you gift.
Weekly News October Norman Hill 2018-10-17 05:00:00Z 0

Cosmos Start a New Year

Cosmos gathered with friends and spouses for their annual kick off to a new  season with a corn roast at the Cosmo Lodge in Little Red Park. President Morris shared his vision for the year focusing on Diabetes, Community projects and having fun.
Some Community organizations receiving our support include: Red River Riding Association, Prince Albert Children's Choir, 2 Miles for Mary and the Legion.
Cosmos Start a New Year Norman Hill 2018-10-02 05:00:00Z 0

Club Finale Social

Cosmos and spouses gathered at the Cosmo Lodge in Little Red Park for a Social to windup the year. We dedicated  memorial Bricks to-night.  These are in memory of Cosmo members who have died. They had been on display at the International Headquarters of Cosmopolitan International, and when the building was sold the Bricks were brought home to Prince Albert.
 Cosmo Al Porter is to be thanked for bringing these Bricks home and arranging the installation with the help of fellow Cosmos.
Club Finale Social  Norman Hill 2018-06-13 05:00:00Z 0

Annual Convention 2018

The Clubs of Western Canada Federation (WCF) gathered in Saskatoon for their Annual Convention where they were updated on the successes  of each others past year, celebrated the extra efforts of some members and enjoyed each others company. The weather cooperated to allow for an outdoor barbecue on the beautiful banks of the Saskatchewan river. A relaxing walk with information on local history was provided by the Host Club members on the way to the brand new Remai Art Gallery.
Staff guided us through the art works of a local artist as well as Picasso famous pieces.
Sunday morning our Foundation Meeting updated us the research for a cure for Diabetes and collected donations from individuals and Clubs.
Cosmo Archie Aug presented the Prince Albert Club's cheque for $1,000.
Our Club was fortunate that they received 4 awards. Norman Hill picked up the best Year book and Webpage Awards.
The best Newsletter Award was picked up by Archie Aug on behalf of our Editor Doug Gent who was not at the Convention.
Cosmo Art Brassard won the Distinguished Cosmopolitan Award. Christine Shepherd was our Awards Chair for the past year as part of her duties as Lt. Governor.
Congratulations to everyone who made this event such a success.
Our new executive for the coming year were sworn in on Saturday evening the Governor's Ball included a banquet, installation of the 2018 -19 Officers and a dance to the music of the One Eyed Cat.
Pictured are: Past Governor Angela McFalls, Governor Debra Down, Governor-elect Christine Shephard, Lt. Governors - Tammy Allen, Al P0rter, Rick Lockyear, Secretary Karen Shephard and Judge Advocate George Wilson
Annual Convention 2018 Norman Hill 2018-05-26 05:00:00Z 0

Governor Visit

HAPPY 79TH BIRTHDAY - One of the first really nice days of spring and a great turn-out at Cosmo Lodge for a birthday party!  President Merv introduced our Western Canada Governor, Angela McFalls as well as our many other guests. After the introductions, President Merv had Cosmo Richard light the candles on the birthday cake and Angela made the first cut.
Greetings were brought to our Club by Angela McFalls, our Western Canada Governor, who expressed her thanks  for the work our Club does.  She noted that with the new members we have gained this year we are the largest Club in the Federation.  Angela thanked our Club for our participation in conferences and looks forward to seeing us at the W.C.F. in Saskatoon as well as the International Convention in Kansas City. The staff at the Lodge prepared a wonderful meal as always and were thanked by our President.
The Prince Albert Barveenok Dancers made an appearance and proceeded to show us several different dances from the Ukraine.   Our Club was thanked for the ongoing support we give to the dance club
A special thank you must go out to Cosmo Claire and Ann for arranging the evening's festivities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Governor Visit Norman Hill 2018-04-25 05:00:00Z 0

Weekly News April 11

 Cosmo Ryan Cody introduced our guest speaker Sergeant Casey Howey, with Saskatchewan Conservation.
Sergeant Howey spoke tonight on rural security as well as the expanded role of Conservation Officers and their roll in assisting other law enforcement agencies.  With the large areas to be covered in Saskatchewan, from the south to the northern isolated areas, it is just not feasible to have several different agencies working separately any more.  To this end, the RCMP, City and Municipal Police Forces and Saskatchewan Conservation officers, are going to be assisting each other where ever possible.
As a result of this joining of forces, whichever agency is nearest to a problem can and will be able to assist the people of our Province.  Response times to calls should be decreased and a visual presence will be enhanced.  Officers will be given Special Constable Status with guns, be trained similar to RCMP recruits, including training for domestic abuse, mental health, alcohol and drunk driving, plus much more!  Sergeant Casey emphasized that this is a positive change to law enforcement with faster and more effective response times to problems.  This change is a first for Canada and he foresees this model expanding across the country. 
Sergeant Casey was thanked by new member and former Conservation officer Cosmo Daryl, who presented Sergeant Casey with a gift from our Club.
President Merv welcomes Daryl Rowland into the Cosmopolitan Club as our newest member on April 4th. Daryl first met most of the Cosmos in his curling activities. He joined them in a fundraising Bonspiel to support the Mont St. Joseph Seniors Care Home.
Daryl is the third person that President Merv has welcomed into the Club this year.
Weekly News April 11  Norman Hill 2018-04-16 05:00:00Z 0

Home Show Wrap-up

This years Home show wound up with the announcement of winners. The door prize of a $1,000 Travel Voucher provided by Lobstick Travel went to Karen Cottrell.
We also gave away 5 daily $100 vouchers valid at any of the Businesses exhibiting their wares at our Show. The vouchers can be turned into them anytime within the next year. Lucky folks who won these vouchers are:
Friday Draw: Dale Peet, Adam Dunn,Teresa Collins,Keon Shutko and Seth Macke.
Saturday Draw: Allen Dreaver, Lois Baptist, Becky Kapten, Jerry Anderson, Carolyn Toutant
Sunday Draw: Dawn Bear, Tom Wormworth, Darlene Cowan, Brenda Lauder, Barry Brezden


The booths are judged accordingto predetermined criteria and award to Best Single Booth, Runner up;Best Multiple Booth, Runner up and Best Overall Booth. Winners receive a Trophy from the Cosmopolitan Club and of course bragging rights as they display it in their booths.
Home Show Chairman Doug
Gent presents the
Single Booth First Place
Award to Mrs. Bea's Cottage
Sweets and Treats.
Runner-up in the Single
Booth category
was Heat Smart Plus
Cosmo Guy Mounce
presents the First Place
Award for Multiple
Booths to Carpet World.
Chairman Doug presents the Runner-up Award for Multiple Booths to
Miller Contracting
Winner of the Best overall booth is Harten Innovative Products.
Home Show Chairman Doug is presenting the trophy to Harvey Klassen of Caron, Saskatchewan
Home Show Wrap-up Norman Hill 2018-04-10 05:00:00Z 0

Weekly News March 21

Our guest speaker tonight was Taryn Svenson, who gave us an up-date on our Facebook advertising and contacts for our Home Show
Taryn explained that by using Facebook, we have better control of our advertising, can zero in on our contacts and have access to how these posts are received.  Are they opened, read, forwarded, read multiple times, replied to and more? All of this while costing less than traditional methods of advertising.  The market place continues to evolve and Taryn feels that businesses and organizations such as ours have to evolve with it.
  Cosmo Norman introduced Taryn of Reach Out Digital Media who is updating our method of attracting Exhibitors and Patrons to our annual Home and Leisure Show.
 In order to attract Exhibitors we offered a free booth in a draw from those who used our Face Book page.
Using the Door Prize of a $1,000 travel voucher from Lobstick Travel we hope to encourage patrons to  attend our Show which is a positive for our Exhibitors, we promoted this on our Face Book page.
President-Elect Morris Hesje transferred his responsibility as our Foundation Representative to Cosmo Archie who has graciously volunteered for the job
Weekly News March 21 Norman Hill 2018-03-26 05:00:00Z 0

Cosmos Support Winter Festival

Cosmos were out in force on the weekend timing the Dogs in the Sled Dog races. For over 40 years they have supported the Prince Albert Winter Festival Committee with the crowd favourite races.  They set up the stop line on the race track, supply the Mushers with bibs and sleigh numbers and get out their stop watches and time the dogs.
Cosmo Morris gives a Musher his identification bib.
The Mushers are ready for the green flag to drop to start the race.
When Jess drops the flag, the Cosmos will start their watch timers.
Each team is recorded as they cross the finish line by two stop watches to ensure accuracy.
The time sheets are turned into Cosmos Archie and Morris to be filed by a Winter Festival volunteer.
Cosmos Support Winter Festival Norman Hill 2018-02-26 06:00:00Z 0

Cosmos Support Mont St. Joseph

The Annual Monty Curling Bonspiel was held Saturday, February 3 at the Curling Club. This event raises funds for the Mont St. Joseph Senior Care Home and hoped to raise $14,000  this  year for 2 Blanket Warmers for their residents.
The Cosmos entered a Team as usual to curl, have fun and make a $1,000 donation to Mont St. Joseph Home. Members of the Cosmos were: Frank Regal, Archie Aug, guest Daryl Rowland and Norman Hill.
Three four-end games with each person rotating through the positions on a team made up the event. Game one was a regular format; second game everyone had to use stick, and the third was a regular one.  There were enough players to make two sets of teams who alternated times on the ice. Here a group is waiting for their time to curl. A silent auction was set up in the waiting room for folks to financially support the Monty.
In the lounge/restaurant following the games a platter and a beverage was supplied during a time of socialization for the curlers.
Chair person Glenn McMullen distributes the prizes, Silent Auction items and thanks the curlers for reaching the goal of $14,ooo.
Cosmos Support Mont St. Joseph Norman Hill 2018-02-09 06:00:00Z 0

Weekly News January 3

President Merv took a sick day to-night.  President elect Morris filled in and did an admirable job by taking control of the order to the trough, having tables compete by answering a time limited skill testing question. We better put our thinking caps on as it appears that Cosmo Morris is going to change some things next year!
Cosmo (temporary Sergeant at Arms) Frank
announced our guest speaker, Matt Sawatsky, manager of the Prince Albert Golf and Curling Club. 
Matt has been in negotiations with us about our use of the facility, meals and costs, and presented a proposed document to members.  Some discussion followed with the matter being referred to the Board of Managers of our Club for a recommendation.
Weekly News January 3  Douglas Gent 2018-02-02 06:00:00Z 0

Weekly News of January 24

The venue was the Prince Albert Wildlife Federation building, the meal was roast moose with oven roast potatoes, battered pickerel, choice of two salads, a vegetable mixture, fresh warm buns and a strawberry white cake with icing up to one inch (2 centimeters) thick for dessert with coffee after.  This was the start of our Jack Hadley Wild Game supper and NEW MEMBER NIGHT!
President Merv gave a history of Jack Hadley and gave a reason why guests should become Cosmo members.  He encouraged them to join and carry on the tradition of Cosmopolitan International by supporting our cause to support Diabetes Research and become involved with our community.  The strength of our Club is the involvement of members and the friendships that come with that involvement.
Guests to-night were Rick Graham and George Fafard, invited by Cosmo Peter Deppeler, Garth Beddome guest of Cosmo Wally Tetarenko, Norm Vetter, Guest of Cosmo Al Hunt and Doug Wilson, Guest of Cosmo Norman Horne.  All of these gentlemen would make great Cosmo's as they are already active members of the Prince Albert community and are not averse to doing more.
Cosmo Norman Hill spoke about our long history of community work including Camp Tamarack, Mont St. Joseph, Carmen Court, Victoria Hospital through its Foundation, the Art Hauser Hockey Center and the Rawlinson Center for the Arts.
Weekly News of January 24 Norman Hill 2018-01-29 06:00:00Z 0

Weekly news of January 17

Our newest member, Luis Fernando receives his Club Documents from President Merv at our Wednesday evening meeting.
Just back from a warm (+40 C) vacation Luis is trying to adjust our somewhat cooler clime. Welcome to Cosmopolitan Luis.
       Our Scribe, otherwise known as  
Cosmo Doug dutifully records the meetings for our Cosmograph. 
Our speaker is Cosmo Norman Hill who showed off our new Webpage and demonstrated its new features.
President Merv is excited with its ability to communicate to members simply and effectively.
The webhost, Club Runner -was introduced to the Clubs in Western Canada at the International Convention held in Regina last summer. President Merv was immediately sold on its virtues and asked Norman to change from our existing webhost to Club Runner. The changeover was not without its challenges however the transfer was completed in late December. No one dozed off during the hour long presentation which Norman determined was positive response to our new Webpage.
Our Facebook page has also had an upgrade and can be linked to from our Webpage. This is grit for a future meeting probably to be shared by Cosmo Doug.
Our webpage can be accessed at:  and our Facebook can be found at:
Weekly news of January 17 Norman Hill 2018-01-18 06:00:00Z 0

Weekly January 10 News

Cosmo Al Porter introduced our speaker Rachel Akers, whose father happens to our President. Rachel used a power point presentation assisted with videos to inform us about MEDA – Mennonite Economic Development Association. This Canadian organization started in 1923 to help people in developing countries start their own business. Rachel spoke specifically of work being done in Myanmar.  Donors loan MEDA money which buys vouchers are distributed to people who can start businesses and are able to repay the loan. MEDA stays with the entrepreneurs providing guidance throughout the setup and ensuring that their business is functioning and sustainable.
MEDA’s tag line is: Creating Business Solutions to Poverty – Everyday
Philanthropists can make on-line loans which will be paid back as the recipient profits from their enterprise. The Federal Government matches the loans at a 7 to 1 ratio in part because every dollar raised goes to the program. MEDA uses funds from other programs to pay for the operating costs of this program. The Gates Foundation is a partner in this venture. To date 25,000 women have become business owners supporting their families
Weekly January 10 News Norman Hill 2018-01-11 06:00:00Z 0

Christmas Party 2017

Cosmo Claire organized another Christmas party for the Club. Over 50 Cosmos, friends and family gathered at the beautifully decorated Cosmo Lodge in Little Red Park. The Prince Albert Childrens Choir under the direction of Megan Fournier- Mervis sang for the crowd before going for a sleigh ride organized by Steve Fenske. The Prince Albert Metis Womens Society provided a delicious meal as always. Toys were donated to go to children in need.
Christmas Party 2017 Norman Hill 2017-12-29 06:00:00Z 0

November 8 New Member



President Merv presented new member David Knouse with his International package and official name tag, and now may be fined by our Sergeant at Arms if he does not wear it to a meeting.  Cosmo Wally promptly invited David to work our next bingo on November 28.
November 8 New Member Mervyn Sutton 2017-12-09 06:00:00Z 0

Weekly Cosmo News Nov 22

A guest speaker and two other guests!  It was great to see Dave Towers and Morley Harrison joining our meeting to-night to hear Keith Goulet talk on "Indian Lands".                
Keith is originally from Cumberland House and has had a varied life, from spending time on the trap line as a youth to being an educator, Member of Provincial Parliament, university graduate and is now working on his PHD on Indian lands.  If that is not enough, he is a very good curler, as many Cosmos Curlers will personally will vouch for. 
Keith gives much of the credit for his strong belief in education to his parents, who always encouraged their children to achieve and succeed.  His work ethic was developed by working for his parents in the local Co-op and their Family restaurant.  Among some of his achievements, he has been the Minister of Northern Affairs, Taught Cree at the University of Saskatchewan, worked as a developer of NORTEP (Northern Teacher Education Program), 1st Aboriginal to become a member of Parliament, has achieved a B.A., M.A., and is working on his P.H.D., worked on the Charlottown Accord and much more.
Keith feels that for Aboriginal peoples, education is key for future development with-in their communities.  During his time as an educator, post-secondary education attendance has gone from 4 students in 1965/6, to over 4000 to-day.  He also is an advocate for equal funding of education in the north. 
Weekly Cosmo News Nov 22 Norman Hill 2017-12-09 06:00:00Z 0

Weekly Nov. 29 News


Cosmo Steve introduced our guest speaker to-night as Cosmo Claire was unable to attend to-night's meeting.
 Lyle Karasiuk, from Parkland Ambulance, presented information on the emergency preparedness of the Red Cross in Canada and around the world.  Lyle explained that the Red Cross is a worldwide humanitarian organization that succeeds because of the help of thousands of volunteers, businesses and community organizations like the Cosmopolitan Clubs.  One example of involvement was the $140 million raised for the Fort MacMurray area to help residents with relocation and other costs.  Call centers to help with finding and locating people in evacuation situations can be set up in 48-72 hours and are crucial in keeping track of people. 
When asking for donations, cash is king!  Cash gives the Red Cross flexibility to get needed items quickly, and in some international cases can be used to "grease palms" to speed help in foreign countries!
 An interesting note is that Paddockwood, Saskatchewan was one of the first field hospitals in Canada in 1885 or 8.  Another solid gold ruler was presented to Lyle when he was thanked for his presentation.
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Celebrating a Cure for Diabetes

The Cosmopolitan Club of Prince Albert hosted an event at the Prince Albert Wildlife Federation on Wednesday October 18 “CELEBRATING OUR SUCCESS IN THE TREATMENT OF DIABETES”.   Cosmopolitans are known for giving back to their local communities through fundraising for research to find the cure for diabetes.
During the late afternoon of the 18th, booths were present for the general public to seek information and advice from health care professionals, caregivers, support groups, dieticians and pharmacies regarding the pre-diabetic and diabetic condition.  Risk factors, prevention, complications and treatment/care were also a part of the education process.
The late afternoon portion of the event was followed by a banquet at 6:30 PM.  Prior to the meal, testimonials from individuals who have been living with diabetes formed the agenda. 
Following the meal, the Keynote address was delivered by TIM SCHULTZ, a benefactor of the “pancreatic islet translocation” process.  Tim is an inspirational speaker and will instill HOPE for those individuals that have been affected by this debilitating chronic disease.
The evening concluded with the “People’s Choice Awards”, recognizing leaders in the community who have been working tirelessly to help people deal with their day to day lives while living with the disease.
Diabetes is a game changer, both in the work place and in families.  The disease is reaching epidemic levels in Canada, and Saskatchewan, particularly in First Nations communities.   For businesses, the cost of diabetes is reflected in drug plans, health claims, mental health, lost productivity and disability leaves.  Families and individuals must endure the endless monitoring of blood sugar levels.
Profits from this event went to the Cosmopolitan Foundation of Canada, a regular contributor towards diabetes research.  Donations to the Foundation were accepted, and receipts issued.
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Who We Are

“ It is better to build boys than mend men”
Cosmopolitans are an international organization, spanning Mexico, United States and Canada. Originally started in Oklahoma in 1919, it came to Canada in 1927, and our Prince Albert Club chartered in April 1939.
Our motto “ It is better to build boys than mend men” took hold immediately with one of our members, Ned Hadley donating a few acres of land at Christopher Lake for a boys summer camp. Under the care of the Cosmos, the camp saw over 1500 underprivileged boys enjoy a summer at the lake during its 20-year life span.

Our Federation, Western Canada- gave almost $80,000 a year to Diabetes and over $270,000 to community programs.
The Cosmopolitan Clubs support many worthwhile community projects as well. Our International President a year ago asked the Clubs to total their financial donations to Diabetes Research and the amount they give to their communities. Donating was something that each Club did on their own and the information was never combined with the other Clubs in the Federations. It was a real eye opener. Our Federation, Western Canada- gave almost $80,000 a year to Diabetes and over $270,000 to community programs. That’s $350,000 a year! That is incredible given the size of our membership of 300 Cosmos! Internationally we gave almost a million dollars to needy causes. That total is just the money and does not include the physical work, the labour that we provide as well. Think of the benefits to our Communities.
"...having fun with friends – that’s what Cosmopolitan is all about!"
Being a Cosmo does not mean all work and fund raising and no play. Who would want to belong to an organization like that? We are mostly retired and work is a thing of the past. So we have conventions! Three a year. In the fall we get together at one of the Western Canadian Clubs and have a curling bonspiel, some food, lots of fun and a business meeting. In the spring we do it again without the curling, instead including some sightseeing and a full session of business meeting and in midsummer we gather internationally to wind up the year and plan for the coming one.
Our Club has its turn as we host the Western Canada conventions regularly with the activities in town and on occasion in Waskesiu. You can imagine the effect the National Park site in the northern forest has on Cosmos from the prairies.

So why do we join Cosmopolitan and stay with them for so long you may ask? Well it is a chance to give back to our community. It is the projects where we work shoulder to shoulder, building sheds, decks, and painting cabins at the lake for campers where we get the most satisfaction. The fun and fellowship of working together- that is why we joined and that is what keeps us together.
You may think that belonging to a Service Club means hard work and fundraising, and in a small way it is, but it’s helping our Community – big time. And having fun with friends – that’s what Cosmopolitan is all about!
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